Long time no post!

Hey all!

Been a while since I have posted anything. Took a full time gig 2 years ago to pay for braces for our 2 girls. I am playing lots of music still. The focus has been on Tropical

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Welcome to 2017

I hope everybody's year is off to a great start.. With Jimmy Buffett not touring, I am a little slower with the fly out dates. Time to be the shark and not a remora. January is typically slow anyway.. IRead more

Summer 2016 is rockin!

On July 15th you will find me at Harvest Days in Battleground, The 19th at Island Café with Tropical Storms lead singer Jamie Mehan. July 21 is a special gig with Wamba at the Analog Café and then it's off…Read more

Fall is here

It's been a crazy summer and I haven't been able to be on here much. On top of a hectic summer we bought a house and moved.. But it's that time of year where I head to Vegas and play…Read more

Summer 2015

Well it's here finally - the busy season. Been a bit slower this spring than I had hoped for, but that's the music biz.  Check out my schedule to see where you will find me. I will be in Baltimore,…Read more

Hey everybody!

Welcome to the World of the Northwest Panman. If you are looking for a Northwest Caribbean Adventure look no further. We can provide you with solo pannists, a trio , quartet or the larger band Tropical Storm. The  pages youRead more